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Online summit


Mars March



28 talks and rich conversations

To provide a better understanding of trauma and attachment theory,
in support of resilience

Accessible to professionals and laypersons.

Access in English and French so you can choose.

An opportunity to interact with the community and put your questions to the experts.

32 internationally renowned guests, experts in the field of Trauma.

Discover or gain more insights on the most innovative and scientifically proven approaches and techniques to treat and heal psychological trauma.

Trauma is a societal issue Talking about IT, disseminating new ways of dealing with it, freeing victims’ voices, and raising awareness of the subject is our aim.

Trauma imprisons us. Often people are unaware that they’re carrying trauma that has not only had an impact on their psychological, emotional or even physical development, but also prevents them from living a fulfilling life. They do not always know that they are the victims, the survivors of traumas that could not be heard, digested, or healed, and that are stored in their body or their psyche.

Talking about attachment and trauma issues in the open, without taboos and with a lot of kindness, in an online conference, accessible free of charge, can allow trauma survivors to understand that what they are experiencing is the result of trauma, neglect, violence, or a shock experienced in childhood or in adulthood, or even inherited from their parents, or experienced in their community or society at large.

The online summit « Trauma, Attachment & Resilience » aims to give health and support professionals the keys to identify and treat the symptoms of suffering in children and adults that they encounter in their practice, to shed new light on trauma and attachment wounds, as well as their consequences, and to help people discover or rediscover a wide range of approaches and techniques, including IFS, Polyvagal Theory, Relational Intelligence, EMDR, EFT, Somatic Experiencing, and Mindfulness.

28 talks to :

Find out about or gain a deeper understanding of psychological trauma and attachment theory

Pave the way to resilience

Understand how a difficult life challenge can be a source of growth and be the beginning of a better and liberated life

For professionals, enrich your practice by developing a holistic understanding of your clients and patients that takes into consideration not only the person’s mind, but also their body and their life story

Discover or rediscover cutting-edge approaches and techniques

Learn about resources that are directly applicable within your current practice : IFS*, PVT*, RI*, EFT*, yoga, meditation, EMDR*

Ask leading specialists your questions live

Identify the clinical elements that can point towards the treatment of a specific trauma

* IFS : Internal Family Systems; RI : Relational Intelligence; PVT: Polyvagal Theory; EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique; EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

this summit is for :

HEALTH PROFESSIONALS doctors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, alternative or energy therapists, coaches, yoga instructors, meditation instructors, teachers, social workers, workers at emergency shelters and charities, etc., interested in enriching their own practice and in providing more specialized care for traumatized individuals, or referring them to a “trauma-informed” specialist.

THE INFORMED GENERAL PUBLIC INTERESTED IN PSYCHOLOGY and more particularly in the issues of trauma, attachment and resilience.

Trauma victims suffering from an attachment disorder, generalized anxiety or other trauma-related symptoms, looking for tools to better understand their situation and pathways to overcome a traumatic event.

OUR speakers

Hopefulness lies in knowing that while early experiences shape the nervous system, ongoing experiences can reshape it.

Deb Dana

what they have said…

You all absolutely aced Quantum Way summit 2022. HONESTLY. It is such a privilege to attend yearly and be part of this global family. 

I have been particularly touched and honored to be present to all the presentations however the ones that I will treasure the most were  the ones where you, Florence, allowed yourself publicly to be vulnerable at the same time  epitomized  resilience in practice with mastery and poise.  […]

It’s such a privilege to learn from you all… I realized I fulfilled my need for love and belonging in a way I did not think it would be possible virtually.


The summit was true blessing and healing in and of it self the impact if which will be felt around the world for generations to come. Well done to all of you from one such soul who was blessed in the now by attending.


What an awesome selection of speakers  – I especially appreciated Linda Thai – and Florence as host was fabulous!

I’ve listened to many summits but none as wonderful as this one. 

Thank you!


The Summit is accessible in full and unlimited from April 2!

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8 live 2-hour masterclasses BETWEEN APRIL AND SEPTEMBER

With Aimie Apigian, Arielle Schwartz, Chris Germer, Deb Dana, Evelyne Josse, Franck Anderson, François Le Doze, Jan Winhall hosted by Florence Bernard

All the recordings of
the summit, remastered,
in unlimited streaming

In french or english

Downloadable audio versions

To ensure that this package meets your expectations

It’s always better to face your challenges from a place of calm, courage, clarity, and confidence, rather than from scared, dissociating, or impulsive parts.

Dick Schwartz


At Quantum Way, our perspective is first and foremost that of therapists, trained in our respective specialties, on attachment issues and trauma treatment or trauma-informed approaches.

Our mission is to make the world’s best resources in psychology and personal development available to as many people as possible.

With this summit on « Trauma, Attachment and Resilience », we want to discuss trauma, disseminate new ways of dealing with it, free up victims’ voices and generally raise awareness of this issue, which constitutes a societal challenge.

This online summit is intended to open a door for people with complex trauma and the specialists who accompany them. We want to offer a new perspective on trauma, attachment wounds, and their consequences on everyone by offering a wide range of approaches and techniques, including IFS, Polyvagal Theory, Relational Intelligence, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, EFT, Yoga, Mindfulness,…


Florence Bernard

I am a therapist constantly searching for new approaches, new ways of understanding my clients and the world in which I live. Joining the Quantum Way and creating this Summit was therefore a natural next step.

Liz Carey Libbrecht

I am a Mindfulness/MBSR instructor, a therapist, and a translator. I am convinced that healing individual and collective trauma is essential to overcoming the challenges facing humanity.

Marc Mouad

As a writer, director and passionate about everything that concerns people, I offer a different perspective on Quantum Way’s topics and I bring my personal touch to everything that involves sound and image.

Jean-Michel Gurret

As a psychotherapist and pioneer trainer in energy psychology and clinical EFT in the French-speaking world, I’m committed to promoting the most effective methods for the treatment of trauma.