Niki Elliott

A Polyvagal-informed approach to embodied social justice

Niki Elliott, PhD, is a clinical professor of education at the University of La Verne’s La Fetra College of Education. She currently serves as Director of the Center for Neurodiversity, Learning and Wellness, and is an author, speaker, and trainer in the fields of neurodiversity, mindfulness, holistic education, and healing-centered engagement. Dr. Niki earned a bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley, a master’s degree and teaching credential at Teachers College, Columbia University and a PhD in Education from UCLA.

An experienced educator, Dr. Niki has taught students of all ages, from elementary school through university level over the past 25 years. She presently teaches educational neurobiology, neurodiversity and mindfulness for graduate students earning a Master’s Degree in Special Education.

Dr. Niki is also the founder of the Mindful Leaders Project, a program designed to help teachers, school leaders, parents and other education professionals increase their own personal well-being and social-emotional regulation skills to support children’s academic success.

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