Martin Aylward

How we traumatize ourselves – or not

Martin Aylward went to Asia aged just 19 and spent years doing ‘hardcore meditation practice’ in monasteries and with Himalayan hermits. He has been teaching meditation worldwide for 20 years, expressing lightness, humor and depth with an approach which is both irreverent and profound.

He has a deep understanding of how humans think and feel and get stuck, and a powerful gift for helping people to “unstick”  themselves. He combines traditional Buddhist practices, contemporary engaged life, psychological sophistication and a deep love of the fullness of human experience. Martin’s life and teaching shows how the mind works, how wide the heart can be, and how free the nature of reality really is.

Meet   Martin Aylward :

on 13/03/2023, from 16:00 pm to 17:00 pm

Paris time