Dr Clémence Chamoin de Gourcy

[FRENCH ONLY] Spécificité du psychotraumatisme chez les personnes exilées et stratégie thérapeutique.

Clémence Chamoin-de Gourcy, a medical doctor who has a degree in psycho-traumatology and sexology from the Université Paris-Descartes, is also a qualified practitioner of EMDR, EFT and medical hypnosis. She spent several years in humanitarian missions abroad (Africa, Middle East and Asia) before joining the Parcours d’Exil team in February 2015.

She took over the position of medical director of the care center in 2018 and provides psycho-traumatology consultations for refuge seekers and training for professionals and volunteers working with migrant populations.

She has transformed the Parcours d’Exil care project by developing a multidisciplinary and integrative approach that combines general medicine, osteopathy, cognitive-behavioral therapies, EMDR, Ericksonian hypnosis, somatic experiencing, energy psychotherapies, relaxation and mindfulness, with transcultural skills.

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