François le Doze

Trauma-induced dissociation and the Relational Intelligence model

Dr François Le Doze is a psychotherapist who practiced as a neurologist at the University Hospital of Caen for about thirty years. After discovering the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model – designed to re-establish an individual’s inner balance by harmonizing all the facets of their personality – and convinced by its relevance and effectiveness, he trained with the founder Richard Schwartz. He became the first French-speaking trainer of the IFS model and contributed significantly to making it known in the French-speaking world.

In 2014 he founded SELF THERAPY TRAINING and began to develop the Relational Intelligence® (IR) model after his encounter with Polyvagal Theory. This model combines the advances of the IFS model, those of the neuroscience of relationships, trauma, and attachment theory.

François Le Doze was the scientific editor of the French translation of Richard Schwartz’s introductory book to the IFS model, Internal Family Systems. He co-authored La force de la confiance : une thérapie pour s’unifier (Odile Jacob, 2015) with Christian Krumb.

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